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Leverages the necessary tools to become a boss in everything you desire while inspiring to transform, and empower women of all generations.



OBB wants to increase community awareness of the rising cost of essential living and youth experiencing homelessness and the known struggle to secure employment. 

Not only is their education limited, accessing showers, hygiene products, and interview attire seems to be challenging to come by. When they do get a job, the positions often pay minimum wage, which is not a living wage for many. It is seemingly beneficial for youth to pick up “under the table” work as a pose to hourly incomes. These are reasons some resort to illegal activities to survive.

By bridging the gap with educational content on financials, wellness and career content; It is our intent to help decrease the number of individuals without employment and begin the rehabilitation educational process.



Teens and young adults aging out of foster care face immense challenges as they make the transition to independence and adulthood. ( The absence of proper systems in place for youth exciting the foster care system results in)Years of isolation, being stagnant are both too often continuing neglect within the system, leave youth vulnerable to poor educational outcomes, unemployment, and homelessness, through no fault of their own. Now, they have been hit harder then usual due to the wide-ranging impacts of COVID-19 and other global outbreaks.


California’s THP-NMD extended foster care program provides housing and skill-building support to transition-age (18-21) foster youth. Delivered by independent providers such as OBB whom operate at the county level with necessary programs designed to give young adults an extended path to independence. The hope was that - through access to stable housing, dedicated -  support in education, employment, and daily life-skills, young adults would have a winning chance of establishing a path to long-term success.

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