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Opulent Boss Beauties is a California based nonprofit organization that connects female youth and women from variation of professions, backgrounds, ethnicities and upbringings.



Opulent Boss Beauties serves two purposes - the first purpose is to share a network of successful women and mentor woman of all ages and demographics. Being that social media has such a heavy influence on young girls conforming to the social image, we believe our skills, tools and encouragement is needed now more than ever. OBB will teach self-love, provide the essential tools needed to become successful and provide a roadmap for independence.


OBB is driven to assist and speak with the homeless female youth and women. They will be provided with resources and necessary tools to help them better their living situation. The knowledge of securing housing, clothing and finding employment will be implemented across our organization.


OBB holds classes on proper business attire, resume building, applying for affordable housing, further education, and financial aid. Opulent Boss Beauties has a network of Women in vast industries based in Central and Southern California. Opulent Boss Beauties will holds its 1st Annual Conference including Guest Speakers and Networking hour Winter 2023.



Serial entrepreneur, Courtney Richard has always had a passion and strength to guide and bring the best out of individuals. Opulent Boss Beauties (OBB) has always been a dream, today this dream is now a reality.


Courtney is currently the Vice President of a Property Management nonprofit affordable housing company. She is a woman of all trades overseeing multiple aspects of property management;  In Courtney’s role, she tends to  the various Divisions and serves as the liaison between the development and property management departments working with City Officials and the Leasing Housing Authorities.


Courtney pairs a broad range of creative leadership with extensive experience in financials and operations reporting to the board on a quarterly basis from financials, development and employment. Prior to joining property management, Courtney was an assistant operations manager in the banking industry.


Currently based in Riverside County, California, she seeks to share her expertise and utilize her talents to drive collaboration, enhance relations, deliver high impact solutions and knowledge for female youth and women in need.

Courtney Richard

Chief Executive Officer | President



Thanks to our community partners for their financial and physical donations, local support, and volunteer efforts. Collectively, we are committed to strengthening families and building healthier and stronger communities.

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